A European solution for the UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell

Having previously invested in a UniFi Protect surveillance infrastructure, I recently bought a UniFi G4 Doorbell from the States. In the pursuit of a proper set-up, I did a lot of googling and found a lot of information, some of which brilliant, some useful, and some outright wrong. This post is meant as recap of my findings. [Read More]

Permissions for VMWare monitoring using Zabbix

Here is an annoying issue that I have banged my head against all day today. Today I started adding a new vCenter to Zabbix. Zabbix has very handy in-built templates to monitor VMWare, but it is very hard to find what kind of VMWare permissions Zabbix needs to perform its duties. [Read More]

HA-mode FortiGate units with dual-homed FortiSwitch access

Looking at the Fortinet documentation for FortiOS 6.0, it doesn’t say a lot about how to set up HA-mode FortiGate units with dual-homed FortiSwitch access. It just shows a diagram, and it seems to assume that everything is clear from that diagram. It wasn’t very clear for me, so I went ahead and asked Fortinet TAC for some help. [Read More]